"Pianist Tsalka spielte mit variablem und feinfühligem Anschlag, immer die Klangbalance im dichten Akkordsatz wahrend. Dabei gestaltete er mit enormem Ausdruck und lauschte zudem mancher kontrapunktischen Stimme nach, dieser damit Bedeutung verleihend."

Christoph Keller, NWZ Online, Germany, 2019

"The harpsichord playing really made this concert. It was wonderful to hear such a virtuoso of the instrument. . . . Tsalka's ornamentation and articulation were clean and expertly executed." 

Daniel Kaan. ClassikOn, Australia, 2018

On his CD Fantasies, Variations and Rondos by Ferdinand Ries (NAXOS):

…”Tsalka has a fine sense of the rhetoric of ornamental gestures and shapes the transitional passages well; he’s effective, too, in his use of the special coloristic qualities of his instruments…”

Peter J. Rabinowitz, Fanfare, February 2017

“Dazzling playing, bristling with creativity and emotion”

Sydney ArtsGuide, Australia, 2017

“Tsalka is evidently a true, brilliant musician…” 

Clavichord International, Amsterdam, 2017


“…superbly played on the fortepiano by Michael Tsalka…”

Robert Benson,, September 2016

On his CD of Viktor Ullmann’s Piano Sonatas:

"Tsalka’s articulate and sensitive reading gives each sonata palpable musical life, the works coming across as “contemporary” and as relevant to current musical thought today as when they were written. This is a great and lasting strength of Viktor Ullmann’s writing. Michael Tsalka finds a fine balance between his understanding of the background and circumstances of each sonata and his objective playing of some of the finest piano music composed in the first half of the 20th century."

Pamela Hickman,Concert Critique Blog, April 2015

On his Complete Edition of D. G. Tuerk Sonatas (NAXOS):

". . .Tsalka pays great attention to detail; something as simple as parallel octaves are shaped in such a way as to delight the ear…But he deserves even higher praise for his handling of the middle movement (Largo molto e tenero). The rhetoric here proclaims, declaims, complains and explains-we are far beyond Empfindsamkeit...This project is an important event, fine music recorded for the first time, handsomely played…These are discs to listen to from start to finish, and enjoy as one would stroll from artwork to artwork at an exhibition.”

Christa Rakich, Clavichord International, Netherlands, Nov., 2013


On his CD of J. S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations (Paladino Label):

”This is a brilliant recording by an artist with a passion. Stepping outside the well-worn path of keyboard music, he creates a performance that make you sit up and listen. Technicality and creativity meet in a beautifully balanced performance." 

Music Web International. RECORDING OF THE YEAR, Dec. 2013

“Michael Tsalka’s recital at the Boston Early Music Festival was interpretatively revealing, . . . showing almost incredible virtuosity throughout.” 

The Berkshire Review, International Journal for the Arts, N.Y. and Boston, 2013


“The concert was a smashing success...”

 Global Times, Beijing, 2012

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